Creative Writing and Video Editing

A lifelong creative, I have been passionate about fiction writing since elementary school. I currently have two novels in progress — a character drama and a fantasy series. The fantasy series is based on my long-running Dungeons and Dragons campaign, of which I am the Dungeon Master and creative force behind hundreds of pages of lore and world-building.

I am also an amateur video editor for my World of Warcraft guild from 2008-2010 and as a trivia host at Lumens.

Creative Writing

An avid fantasy fan and Dungeons and Dragons player, I currently serve as the Dungeon Master for a 2+ year campaign.

I have written hundreds of pages of lore for the world I have created, Ashea, and I'm proud to say I am currently writing the first novel in a series based on the campaign my players and I have developed.

Video Editing

World of Warcraft

From 2008-2010, I played in a World of Warcraft raiding guild. I recorded, edited, and designed two videos of two of our boss fights in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Trivia and Oscar Competitions for Lumens

While working for Lumens, I volunteered to lead trivia on two occasions: Christmas 2020 and Halloween 2021. I also led and designed an Oscars competition each year from 2020-2023.

Each trivia event consisted of several rounds, one of which was a video round, which you will find below.