My Career

Read about my professional career, from my publications at California State University, Sacramento to my roles as SEO Copywriter at Lumens and as Content and Product Copywriter at Dollar General.

Content and Product Copywriter


In January 2024, I accepted a contract role at Dollar General.

As a Content and Product Copywriter, I craft compelling, engaging copy that bridges the gap between our diverse product offerings and our customers' needs. Specializing in creating persuasive product descriptions, SEO-friendly content, and impactful marketing materials, I play a crucial role in driving sales and enhancing brand awareness. My expertise in understanding consumer behavior and market trends allows me to develop content strategies that resonate with our audience, encouraging loyalty and driving engagement.
My work supports Dollar General’s mission to serve others by delivering value and convenience, making everyday essentials accessible to all.

Skills Gained: Monday, Figma, AEM, inRiver

SEO Copywriter


In December 2021, I advanced to the Marketing team at YDesign Group as an SEO Copywriter. The company rebranded to Lumens in June 2022.

Article Writing: I successfully migrated and revamped over 50 blog articles for the new WordPress platform during YDesign Group's rebranding to Lumens. This included comprehensive rewrites to align with our new brand style, SEO optimization, and WordPress formatting. Post-migration, I consistently contributed to Lumens' The Edit blog.

Brand Copy: I wrote for several luxury brands during my time at Lumens. Each brand had a short, yet detailed story that included the brand's history, a fun fact about the brand, and some notable products designed by them.

Category Copy:
I crafted over 100 pieces of both short and long-form SEO content for category pages, involving thorough keyword research and strategic keyword incorporation to enhance our Google SERP rankings. My efforts significantly boosted our rankings across targeted categories.

Designer Biographies:
I authored 100+ biographies for esteemed designers, ensuring accuracy and engaging content, published on product pages dedicated to each designer.

Email Copy:
My daily email compositions for various campaigns effectively raised click-through and conversion rates by aligning closely with design and merchandising teams for optimal messaging.

Skills Gained: Content Marketing, AP Style Writing, Search Engine Optimization, AI Prompting/Writing (ChatGPT), WordPress, Asana
SEO Tools:
Google Search Console, Conductor, Ahrefs

Product Content Publisher


In June 2019, I was offered the position of Product Content Publisher for YDesign Group, the then-parent company of Lumens and a premier online retailer for luxury lighting, furniture, and decor.

In my 2 years at the role, I was tasked to write 16 pieces of product description copy every day. This amounted to roughly 8,000 descriptions written.

I followed a strict brand style guide and produced clean, concise, and error-free copy, delivering consistently and always on-time. When the team's editor was out, I stepped into the role, editing the copy for a team of 5 writers. 

Skills Gained: Copywriting, Editing, PIM (Product Information Management)

Bachelor's in English


From 2015-2018 I attended California State University, Sacramento. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature.

I took courses on grammar and syntax, film history and theory, history of literature, Greek tragedies, British women's fiction, post-modern literature and more.

I was published in the student literary journal in 2018 for my creative non-fiction short story, Going Back. You can read it here.
At the Bazzanella Literary Awards in 2018, I placed 2nd in the Critical Analysis category for my essay on Italo Calvino's post-modern novel If On a Winter's Night a Traveler. You can read it here.