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As an SEO Copywriter, I have written hundreds of pieces of category copy for Lumens, one of the nation's top online retailers for luxury lighting and furniture design. Each piece of copy was either 1-2 paragraphs for a faceted category page or longer for top level category pages. All pages required keyword research through Conductor to achieve optimal organic rankings on SERPs, independent research to ensure copy was in line with Google's EEAT and YMYL requirements, and the creation of new Title and Meta Description copy tags.

Below are four examples of SEO optimized category copy. More examples are available upon request.

Rustic Modern Table Lamps

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Rustic Modern Table Lamps at Lumens

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Discover our selection of rustic modern table lamps. Create a cozy look with the many shapes and colors of rustic modern table lamps at


Create a Cozy Home with Rustic Table Lamps

Rustic table lamps have become incredibly popular in recent years as home design trends shift away from sharp and elegant and move towards styles that are more lived-in and cozy. While it’s possible to incorporate natural, outdoorsy elements virtually anywhere in the home, rustic lamps are a great starting point to experiment with the style.

Rustic table lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used as bedroom lighting, living room lighting and even hallway lighting if there is space for a slim table. Rustic table lamps bring in elements of nature such as raw wood and animal accents like antlers, horns and skins. Use rustic table lamps in casual areas of the home to create a relaxed vibe that will help everyone feel right at home.

Creating a cozy, rustic vibe in the home is not just about choosing rustic table lamps. Rustic modern floor lamps also help complete each room's lighting design by continuing the theme. Furniture such as sofas and tables can be in a rustic modern style as well, creating a complete look.

Table Lamps

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Table Lamps for the Home at Lumens

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Discover our selection of table lamps. From luxurious statement-makers to simple task use, table lamps come in various styles and shapes at


Table Lamps for the Modern Home

The modern table lamp is one of the most versatile items that can be bought for the modern home. Table lamps can be simple or complex and come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Able to match with any interior décor choices, the modern table lamp serves as the perfect accent light for larger rooms, a task lamp for work, or a bedside lamp to read by.

Table Lamps Buying Guide

Many rooms of the modern home can benefit from the addition of table lamps. In the bedroom, read in bed or in a nearby lounge chair before turning in for the night. In the living room, accent the lighting near the sectional or seating arrangement with side table lamps.
Table lamps can also be portable and battery-operated. Battery-operated lamps are the perfect choice for a clean look throughout the home as the unsightly view of a cord running along the floor to the wall is a thing of the past. Battery-operated and portable lamps can also be picked up and taken to different rooms whenever the need arises, including the outdoors as long as the location rating is suitable.

Table Lamps in the Bedroom

Perhaps the most common use of the table lamp in the bedroom is by the bedside. A pair of table lamps, one to either side of the bed on matching nightstands creates symmetry and a sense of flow that elevates the appeal of the entire room. A table lamp brings the ideal level of illumination to the bedroom, especially when paired with warm bulbs that help transition the brain and eyes out of sleep mode. Portable lamps are also a great addition to the bedroom because they can be taken at a moment’s notice, whether checking on something across the house or making a midnight bathroom run.

How Tall Should a Bedside Table Lamp Be?

A bedside table lamp should rest at the same height as the mattress, so picking the ideal lamp goes hand in hand with the ideal nightstand. The lamp itself should be between 18-36 inches, but the goal of getting the perfect light for the bedroom is in the shade. If the shade is too low, reading in bed can be awkward while leaning to get to the light. Conversely, a shade too tall can create glare in the eyes. As a general rule, consider table lamps that have a shade at shoulder height for the best experience.

What Size Should a Bedside Lamp Be?

The size of a bedside lamp will depend on the size and needs of the room. Table lamps can blend in with surroundings or make a statement depending on style and size, so it’s important to determine the requirements of the lamp. One way to help determine the size of the lamp is to measure the size of the mattress. A good rule is that a nightstand should be 1/3rd the width of the mattress and the table lamp should then be 1/3rd the width of the nightstand. This spacing allows the table to breathe and be used for other objects and also provides a greater sense of flow throughout the room.

Table Lamps in the Living Room

Whether the living room contains a full sectional or a simple sofa, end tables with table lamps are important parts of completing the décor. An end table with a side table lamp can benefit as a source of accent light or task light when the other fixtures in the room don’t illuminate the entire space. These table lamps also work well as reading lights while the book is set on a lap or the arm of the couch. Following the same rules as the bedroom, the height of a table lamp on an end table should be around 18-36 inches, with the shade being about shoulder height to prevent awkward angles to read or the possibility of light getting in eyes.

Table Lamps in an Office

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a table lamp is on a desk in an office space. In this setting, table lamps are often considered task lamps because they are used to complete tasks. Whether the task is reading and studying or drawing anything intricate, a task lamp can shed a bright and even light on the task at hand. Some task lamps come with various adjustments such as swingarms, to direct the light to a particular part of the desk.

Table Lamps Outside the Home

Table lamps, like other fixtures, can be used outdoors as long as the location rating is appropriate. For use on an enclosed patio where water won’t directly affect the fixture, a damp rating is fine. For all spaces where water can come in direct contact with the table lamp, ensure it has a wet rating so it does not become damaged.
An outdoor patio or balcony is the perfect space for portable table lamps. These lamps can be battery-operated and can be brought outside and positioned as needed depending on the needs at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Table Lamps

What is the best color for a table lamp?

Table lamps come in a variety of color options, and as such there is no exact answer. The best color for a table lamp will depend on the needs of the surrounding room. Colors can either match or contrast, creating a piece that blends in with surroundings and creates a sense of symmetry or stands out for a bold, statement-making look.

How much does a table lamp cost?

The cost of a table lamp varies depending on size, style and maker. In general, there are several options depending on all levels of budget, ranging from $40 to $2000.

How many watts does a table lamp use?

Table lamps, like all other fixtures, use LED bulbs for more efficiency and greater illumination. The average LED uses about 10 watts, although they can range from 7.5 to 17 watts. Remember to check the lumens as the measurement for lighting, not power consumption.

What materials are table lamps made out of?

Table lamps range from being made out of plastic, metal, wood, concrete and even glass. There are several options for table lamp material and as such there are several options of table lamps for each style in modern homes.

Barn Outdoor Wall Lights

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Barn Outdoor Wall Lights at Lumens

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Create additional illumination and security at night with a range of barn outdoor wall lights at Lumens


Create A Well-Designed Space with Modern Barn Outdoor Wall Lights

The exterior of a residential or commercial space serves as the first impression and finding the right lighting to complement surrounding landscaping and overall style is imperative. Adequate outdoor lighting is an important safety feature that helps light the way by preventing accidents and lowering the risk of vandalism. For outdoor areas dominated by a traditional, utilitarian, or industrial aesthetic, outdoor barn lights are a great choice. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, outdoor barn lights combine a classic look with modern convenience features.

How to Choose Barn Lights

Shopping for the perfect barn light for an exterior space starts with the style and overall appearance of the fixture but other factors like lighting type and ease of maintenance are equally important. When it comes to fixtures that will be installed outdoors, the top consideration is the UL rating of outdoor fixtures. UL ratings are used to determine suitable installation locations and those rated for outdoor use are listed as UL Damp or UL Wet rated. UL Listed Damp fixtures are safe to install in places that are not subject to direct contact with moisture, such as screened porches, enclosed patios or entryways with awnings. For open areas where contact with rain or snow is likely, choose barn lights that are UL Listed Wet.
Dimming capability that allows the light level to be adjusted based on the changing needs of the outdoor area is another important feature. Top-selling barn outdoor wall lights feature integrated or optional ELV dimmers, which are useful for highlighting landscaping or hardscaping and can be connected to smart home accessories that allow the light level to be adjusted remotely.
When buying a new outdoor barn light, consider matching the style with the décor of the home. Outdoor sconces mounted near a front door can match with the barn lights or lights in the yard, creating a sense of cohesion.


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Chandelier Lighting Fixtures at Lumens

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Browse our collection of chandelier lighting. Discover a variety of chandelier colors, styles and exclusive options from designers and brands at Lumens.


Chandelier Buying Guide by Room

Chandeliers are the statement-making light fixture for the home. Often luxurious and elegant, chandeliers set the tone of the space they are in and can act as a conversation piece for family and friends visiting the home. For every room, chandeliers typically become the centerpiece—because of this, it is important the chandelier matches the surrounding room in size, style, shape and color, but also hangs at the right height to create a sense of flow in the space. Explore popular styles like farmhouse chandeliers and sputnik chandeliers from our collection.

Dining Room Chandeliers

A dining room chandelier is the main source of light for the room. Other types of light fixtures, such as wall sconces, accent the illumination from the chandelier, creating a full display in the room. The chandelier hangs directly over the dining room table, becoming the main statement piece for the space and determining the mood and tone of the dining room.

What is the correct light level for a dining room chandelier?

A dining room may need multiple levels of light, depending on the mood desired and the room’s layout. The correct position for the chandelier is directly over the table so that it can illuminate every face, meal and object both on and around the table. Chandeliers with exposed bulbs can offer lots of light but can cause glare—consider installing on its own dimmer switch for control. For a more inviting and intimate tone, choose lower Kelvin temperature bulbs that have a warmer color. Keep in mind the amount of lumens the chandelier gives off will shape the mood of the room.

What is the correct height to hang a dining room chandelier?

A dining room chandelier should hang approximately 30 inches above the dining table surface. At this height, people seated around the table can see each other and won’t get glare in their eyes. For ceilings 9 feet or taller, add about 3 inches to the hanging height for each additional foot of ceiling height.

What style of chandelier is preferred for the dining room?

The style of the chandelier is determined by the space it will occupy, but ultimately by your personal taste. If a particular color or finish is prominent in the room, the chandelier can coordinate or contrast with those tones and finishes for various effects. The shape of the dining room table can also inform the shape of the chandelier. A symmetrical, cohesive look can be achieved with a round chandelier over a round table, and a square or rectangular table is most evenly lit with a chandelier that matches the table’s shape. But a round or oblong chandelier can also be a nice contrast over a long dinner table. The size of the chandelier is also an important consideration—look for a chandelier to be 1/2 to 1/3 the width of the table.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Lighting for the bedroom, such as a chandelier, is all about creating a relaxing space to retreat. The bedroom can have many types of lighting fixtures, from wall sconces to table lamps and even adjacent bathroom lighting in master bedrooms. Focus on your personal style and needs for the bedroom, and consider the light level of the chandelier.

What height should a bedroom chandelier hang at?

Most chandeliers are meant to hang about 7 feet from the floor. This can be adjusted as needed, though, and depends on the surrounding space, ceiling height and the size of the bed. To create a cozier and more intimate feel, hang the chandelier closer to the bed and use warmer lighting.

What size should a bedroom chandelier be?

As a rule of thumb, the size of the bedroom chandelier should be the added width and length of the room, but in inches. For instance, if the bedroom is 12 feet by 14 feet, the chandelier should be 26 inches in diameter.

Entryway and Foyer Chandeliers

Entryway and foyer chandeliers are one of the first things family, friends and guests will see when visiting the home. Besides the front door and any lighting or décor outside the home, the entryway is the statement-maker that announces your style and tone. Making a memorable first impression is one of the best functions of chandeliers, so ensure the style, tone and shape suits the first room of the home.

Living Room Chandeliers

The living room is where most entertaining and socializing happens, so it’s important to choose a living room chandelier that will dazzle and impress. A statement-making chandelier determines not only the light in the room, but its personality and style as well. Living rooms can also be one of the biggest rooms in a home, and as such can hold a larger chandelier. For lighting the living room, consider a large chandelier with more bulbs and tiers. This way, the light can spread throughout the room in the most effective way possible while creating the biggest impression on whoever is in the room.

Other Considerations for Chandeliers

Choosing the perfect chandelier is based on a combination of personal preference and consideration of existing fixtures. The scale of the room is also important—choosing a large or small chandelier that doesn't fit the space can create problems visually and structurally.
Additionally, when adding a chandelier to a room, keep in mind the size, shape and color of the fixture desired and ensure it matches the room around it.

Which chandelier styles are popular?

Modern chandeliers are one of the most popular styles, focusing on functionality and forms that are aesthetically pleasing. Contemporary chandeliers often have innovative and cutting-edge designs.
Crystal chandeliers are another popular style, particularly because of how intricate and elegant they can be. These chandeliers stand out in the room, as they can have hundreds of crystal facets, multiple tiers and a range of bulbs present.